Sunday, March 5, 2017

MenoPro - A Mobile App for Women Bothered by Menopause Symptoms

MenoPro is a free mobile app from The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) to help you and your clinician work together to personalize treatment decisions on the basis of your personal preferences (hormone vs non-hormone options), taking into account your medical history and risk factor status. The app has two modes, one for clinicians and one for women, to facilitate shared decision making.

MenoPro is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and for Android devices.

The MenoPro app has several unique features, including the ability to calculate your 10-year risk of heart disease and stroke, which is important in deciding whether a treatment option is safe for you. It also has links to online tools that assess your risk of breast cancer and osteoporosis and fracture.

MenoPro was developed in collaboration with NAMS and includes links to NAMS education materials, including a downloadable MenoNote on behavioral and lifestyle modifications to reduce hot flashes, and information pages on the pros and cons of hormone versus nonhormone therapy options, a discussion of pill versus patch therapy, and information on treatment options for vaginal dryness and pain with sexual activities, with links to tables with information about different medications. These pages can be printed out or directly accessed from your phone or tablet.

Menopausal symptoms vary dramatically among women. Some women have no symptoms as they go through the menopause transition, and other women find that their quality of life is severely affected by hot flashes, night-time sweats, sleep problems, difficulty concentrating, and vaginal dryness/pain with sexual activities. Menopausal symptoms are usually related to the low levels of estrogen that occur in women when they reach menopause. Some women are good candidates for hormonal treatments and others, due to their personal preferences or risk factors, are not good candidates and should consider non-hormonal options. One of the most complex health care decisions facing women in mid-life is whether to use prescription medications for menopausal symptom management, and the array of treatment options has grown markedly in recent years. This new app helps women work together with their clinicians to find the optimal treatment approach.

The MenoPro app is designed to help women work with their health care providers in the management of their menopausal symptoms and to choose the optimal treatment. MenoPro is intended for women ages 40 and older. Younger women may benefit from additional clinical evaluation before using MenoPro and may need specially tailored treatment.

MenoPro contains no advertising and was developed without any industry or pharmaceutical company support.

This mobile app will be helpful to you in working together with your clinician to make informed choices about the management of your menopause symptoms.


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