Wednesday, October 1, 2014

MENOPAUSE – A Well Woman Book by The Montreal Health Press

Since its origin in 1968, when a group of courageous students at McGill University produced the first Birth Control Handbook, the Montreal Health Press has been providing Canadian and American men and women with information on health, sexuality, reproductive rights—not only the facts but the analysis and social context which give meaning to the facts.

The classic book MENOPAUSE – A Well Woman Book offers a comprehensive overview of the women conditions while go through the transition period. With diagrams, photographs and commentary by women who have gone through menopause, this thorough book addresses the major concerns that affect the health and well-being of mid-life women every day.

The book addresses one-by-one all the popular myths of menopause and helps to enjoy this period of life, not merely survive.

The following myth will be addressed:

* Menopause is a disease.

* Women go crazy at menopause.

* After menopause, a woman has no sex hormones.

* Hormone therapy keeps you young.

* Once a woman's periods are irregular, she cannot get pregnant anymore.

* More women get depressed around menopause than at any other time.

* When a woman has a hysterectomy, her periods stop and she is finished with menopause.

* A woman taking hormones does not need birth control because the hormones are the same as in the birth control pill.

* Hysterectomy is a safe and effective means of sterilization for a woman who does not want any more children.

* All women have an equal chance of breaking bones due to osteoporosis after menopause.

* If you have a positive attitude and stay active, you will sail through your menopause.

The ebook is digitized and distributed freely with permission from Archives and Special Collections, Morisset Library, University of Ottawa.

You can download the book in different formats, like PDF, MOBI, or DJVU, or read it online.

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