Saturday, September 3, 2016

Karen Mills - HOT FLASH MOB / Menopause Rap

The first time I heard the term "Flash Mob", I thought it was a gang of menopausal women......but I guess that would be a "Hot Flash Mob!" I decided to write a rap song about the trials of menopause. I know what you're thinking...what does a Tennessee girl know about rap? Well, I may be a southern girl, but I'm hip...I'm cool! Whenever I go out with my know, my menopausal peeps.....we like to put on some bling, get krunk, get things percolating....hey, we're sweaty, but we're fun!

Menopause Rap by the Hot Flash Mob
Comedian:  Karen Mills
Written by:  Karen Mills & Marcia Sandford
Arrangement: Doug Gazlay, D-Grooves Studio
Background Vocals: Marcia Sandford, Tutti Davis
Choreographer / Director:  Connie Gatlin
Director of Photography / Editor: Wallace Braud
Dancers:  Menopausal women

Comedian Karen Mills has released this funny comedy video “Hot Flash Mob” in 2012. Karen also refered to the song as the menopause rap.

About Karen Mills

A Chattanooga, TN native, comedian Karen Mills has toured the U. S. for over 19 years and can be heard regularly on Serius XM Laugh USA and on Blue Collar Radio. Karen Mills has recently performed on Great American Country (GAC) TV and has played Nashville many times as an original member of The Southern Fried Chicks comedy act.

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