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How snake venom may help you feel better at Menopause?

Lachesis is indicated for perimenopausal and menopausal hot flashes and night sweats, according to "Everybody's Guide to Homeopathic Medicines." The remedy may relieve occipital headaches that are associated with changing hormones. Women needing lachesis may be extremely loquacious, witty and nasty and complain of body pains that are significantly worse on the left side, such as left ovary discomfort. Lachesis may relieve depression and insomnia relating to hormonal swings.

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What is Lachetis and how it is used in Homeopathy?

Derived from the venom of the South American bushmaster snake, lachesis is a homeopathic remedy that can be used to treat a variety of issues. Due to its blood-thinning properties, it is ideal for circulatory problems, and may also help with issues with the heart itself. Women who suffer unpleasant side effects from menstruation or menopause may find relief using lachesis. It is also known to be useful in treating people who have a painful sore throat. Other uses of lachesis in homeopathy include treatment of tremors, skin injuries and ailments, and gastrointestinal problems.

Use of lachesis in homeopathy is often focused on treating issues that affect the circulatory system. People with poor circulation, many times to the point that their extremities turn blue, often benefit from using it, as its anticoagulatory properties help improve blood flow. Veins that are swollen or painful such as varicose veins may be treated with lachesis. Those with problems with the heart also often benefit from use of lachesis; practitioners of homeopathy often prescribe it for an irregular pulse rate, palpatations, and chest pains.

Another major use of lachesis in homeopathy is for addressing women's health issues. Those going through menopause may find relief from symptoms like hot flashes, fainting, or heart palpatations by using it. It can help reduce the pain and cramping of menstruation, and is also thought to help reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, particularly emotional issues and mood swings.

Homeopaths sometimes use lachesis to treat a sore, swollen throat. It is particularly useful when the throat is so painful that the patient finds it difficult to swallow. Often this type of throat pain is accompanied by pain in the ear, particularly on the left side.

A variety of other problems can also be addressed by the use of lachesis in homeopathy. Tremors caused by weakness in the limbs or nervous system disorders may be reduced using lachesis, and it is also thought to help with epileptic seizures. Many types of skin problems like burns, insect bites, and boils can be treated with it, and it may help slow-healing wounds get better more quickly. Gastrointestinal problems including ulcers, stomachaches, and vomiting may respond well to lachesis. It is also effective in treating headaches, especially those that occur on the left side of the head or are caused by congestion.

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Where does lachesis come from?

The snake is one of the most powerful symbols in the homeopathic materia medica, and none more so than Lachesis, the dreaded bushmaster, a pit-viper of the Amazon basin. The longest and largest viper in the world, growing to over three meters in length, Lachesis is a magnificent creature, with a massive body as thick as a man’s thigh, a short tail and a wicked-looking, triangular head, which broadens towards the back. Highly poisonous, it possesses fangs three centimeters in length and hypodermic scimitars capable of stabbing deeply into its victim’s tissues.

Lachesis is a denizen of the tropical and equatorial rainforests of northern South America and Central America. There it lives on the forest floor, its handsome reddish-brown skin, marked along the back with black-brown rhomboidal spots, providing the perfect, disruptive coloring necessary to camouflage it as it lies amongst the fallen leaves waiting for its prey. Contrary to popular belief, the bushmaster is not usually aggressive, but it is extremely dangerous because, relying on its superb camouflage, it is loath to move and reveal itself, and is therefore relatively easy to stand on – often with fatal results.

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Lachesis for Menopause symptoms

As mentioned earlier, lachesis is well suited to women who experience extreme discomfort from multiple menopause symptoms, impeding the general functionality as, for example, hot flashes, both day and night. The night time heat may be worse than during the day. There may be left-sided headaches and migraines. The women who may mostly benefit from taking lachesis are often extremely talkative and anxious. They can be occasionally verbally nasty, making cruel, cutting remarks. These women tend to be on the warm side all the time and may crave alcoholic beverages.

Lachesis is recommended for the menopausal women for better balance and withstanding the devastating effects of the symptoms. You may be able to benefit from the “snake venom remedy”, if you can affiliate with the following complaints:
* Unpleasant feelings may begin at night, or on waking during the daytime, and move slowly from the left side to the right. You may feel left sided splinter-like sore throat, which hurts the most significantly, with empty swallowing, and feels somewhat better swallowing solids. If not caught in time, the sore throat can turn into a nasty cold with a violent choking, dry cough and left sided ear pain.
* The heavy, bursting, pulsating headaches and migraines, affect mostly the left side, but sometimes moving eventually to the top of the head or forehead.
* For women whose hormonal shifts cause extreme fatigue, exhaustion, and depression, lachesis can provide calming leveling support. This includes improving negative effects of menopausal hot flushes along with related hot sweats, palpitations and throbbing headaches, PMS with headaches, hot flushes, irritability or feelings of jealousy, and low spirits.

Again, the individuals who benefit most from lachesis tend to be intense, excitable, lively and talkative, but can quickly become weary, suspicious and aggressive when out of balance. Alcohol, PMS, morning and suppression of any kind (especially cycles) tend to make everything worse. When the personality is marked at times by biting sarcasm, jealousy, passion, loquacity, intolerance of tight clothing (especially around the neck) and heat, lachesis can encourage balance and let one’s better attributes flourish.

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