Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Nurturing “Me” by Penny Potts

Nurturing “Me”

Author: Penny Potts

I am the middle-aged woman,
I do the caring,
The washing, the shopping, the cleaning,
I do the giving,
Sometimes cheerfully
Sometimes resentfully
Why can’t someone else do it for a change?

I am the teenager with Tourettes
I like being angry and swearing a lot,
And thinking, “Sod everybody
I’ll do what I like!”
But I feel that I’m old enough
To know better.

I am a spirit seeker,
But I’ve gone off religion,
It caused too many problems.
I like running on the beach
Watching the turbulence
Where two rivers meet
Making spells in the woods
or building a fire.
I want God to look like Miriam Margolyes

I am the little girl
Who wants to feel safe
And be cared for
Let someone else do the worrying and
Take responsibility
I get scared when I’m on my own
At night,
Or I feel poorly

I need somebody
To be there for me

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