Monday, May 18, 2015

Menopause – Time for Change

National Institute of Aging (NIA), one of the 27 Institutes and Centers of National Institutes of Health of U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (NIH), leads a broad scientific effort to understand the nature of aging and to extend the healthy, active years of life.

If you are a woman in her mid-forties or early fifties, you may feel like your body is changing, but you may not know what is happening. Maybe your periods are not the same. You do not sleep as well as you always have. Or, your waist is getting thicker, and you may not like that. You may not be paying much attention to these changes until one day, if you are like many women, it happens—a hot flash! One minute you feel perfectly comfortable, and the next you are sweating and flushed—for no apparent reason. You may be surprised. You may feel “too young.” You ask yourself—could this be the start of my transition through menopause?

This booklet, compiled by NIA, begins with an explanation of what is happening during the menopausal transition. It will tell you about some of the common signs that you are beginning this transition and give you information about handling bothersome symptoms. There is a discussion of some health problems that become more common after menopause, as well as suggestions for staying healthy. There is a resource list for more information. This booklet, based on research conducted by scientists, represents what we know now about the menopausal transition.

To print or download the eBook, please click on the pop-up icon at the right top corner and choose the appropriate option in the full operational view. 

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