Monday, July 23, 2012

BioDesk - Menopausal and Hormone Symptoms Tracking App for iPhone

The newly developed application for iPhone and iPad, BioDesk, helps women to track menopausal and hormonal symptoms fast and easy, helping to learn themselves better and recognize the body internal feedback to the external factors. The application will also assist to collect the complete set of the necessary information and report your symptoms back to your doctor.

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Managing your Profile

Biodesk helps you manage your personal profile very easily. You will set up a username and all dosing and symptoms will be tracked. You receive a complete list of common and standard medicines/therapies and hormonal/post menopausal symptoms. The application has a built-in list of around 40 symptoms that makes it easy and quick for you to choose one and record. However, Biodesk allows you to add your own symptoms to the existing list, making it a customized app suited for your individual requirements.

You can track your symptoms with varied degrees of severity. You have four options from low to severe to track the severity of the symptoms.

It is recommended to track and record your symptoms on a daily basis. This will aid HRT specialist in making hormonal therapy adjustments, if you are under the therapy. If you are not, it will help you to make necessary tweaks to your diet, lifestyle, and get professional recommendations from your physician on how to manage the negative effects of the menopausal symptoms.


Biodesk's special feature allows you to prepare a graph of your progress over a period of time. You can easily email your graph to your healthcare professional to enable them to view and interpret how you are feeling. It also helps you save you time when you visit your healthcare professional because your physician will be able to review your graphs before you visit and prescribe you medicines/therapies accordingly.


Biodesk iPhone app has an in-built glossary to make it easy for you to understand the technical medical terms. Check out the glossary to understand the terms.


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Developer’s website:

Pricing: $9.99

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