Monday, January 2, 2012

MyPause – Menopause Symptoms Tracking App for iPhone

In recent years your smart phone became a valuable assistant in all areas of your life, including your health and wellbeing. The mobile phone application, specifically developed for iPhone users, is devoted to help you tracking your menopause symptoms, getting all necessary information to create an adequate treatment plan, and measuring the effectiveness of your plan with a simple analysis of Trends.

myPause was created by women for women, to help you get through the inevitable trial-and-error period with treatments more efficiently so that you can get back to enjoying life. Getting close to this inevitable life period, you might not be aware that there are more than 35 symptoms of menopause, so you may not even relate the relative health conditions to the perimenopause or to the later life stages.

Information in myPause is not to be considered decisive medical advice. It is only provided as a framework for understanding your body and discussing the medical treatment plan with your healthcare professional, as needed.

Main features

* TRACK your symptoms every day in our Journal, with three degrees of intensity and the ability to enter multiple occurrences each day
* LEARN more about each symptom - what does it really mean, why does it occur during this time and what are some of the potential solutions
* TRACK which of the solutions from your Treatment Plan you completed each day
* EMAIL your journal to your healthcare professional before your visit
* ASK your healthcare professional the important questions without offending them - use our 'Questions to ask your healthcare professional'
* DEVELOP a Treatment Plan (with your healthcare professional) based on our extensive list of options, your philosophy of treatment and your unique set of symptoms
* Solutions categorized for your convenience into Lifestyle Management, Natural Remedies, Prescription Drugs and Hormone Treatments
* ANALYZE the pattern of your symptoms and solution activities in the Trends section to help you make adjustments to your Treatment Plan.

How it may help you?

Each woman’s experience during this transition will be unique. No one can predict exactly what your experience will be, but the more information you have at hand about your symptoms and the possible treatments, the more in control you will be. By its very nature, menopause treatment is a time of trial and error especially in treating your symptoms specifically. Tracking your symptoms and your chosen treatments' effect will make for a more efficient and painless process.


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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Cost: $4.99

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